Data Management Get a head start with data that is analyzed, managed, and visualized all on one platform.

Improve your revenue metrics with the tools designed for successful data management.

We assemble your end-to-end solution through our efficient data operations infrastructure. We keep our eyes on even the tiniest details to give you the next-generation of data analytics to help your business reach its peak performance.

Our Expertise


Data Conversion and Transformation

Filter, manipulate, and transform complex data characters as fast as your business demands. Sunrise catches and corrects data-integrity glitches before they impact decision-making.View Case Study »

Data Warehouse

Store enterprise data from heterogeneous sources to yield greater results. We help build powerful, protected, and fault-tolerant data warehouse architecture for a range of industries.View Case Study »

Data Validation

Maintain a hyper-accurate database that is tested and verified. We offer cost-effective, industry-optimized data validation services that can be delivered in record time.View Case Study »

Data Aggregation

Aggregate your important data to better inform decision-making practice. Sunrise refits and reinforces your quality parameters to ensure you meet any given challenges.View Case Study »

Data Entry and Enrichment

Improve your database to better utilize your information sources. Sunrise provides a meticulous data-enrichment process to maximize your data’s value, expand your knowledge base, and provide enhanced control of your data infrastructure.

Data Management Framework

The Process

Define and Plan

Define your business needs and plan how and where your data will be getting generated.

Collect and Integrate

Collect data, perform data transformation, generate data map, and integrate the results.

Quality and Store

Perform data quality checks and store the data into dataset systems or file storage.

Analyze and Monitor

Analyze your data and monitor metrics using simple interactive dashboards.

Sunrise Difference

Business Benefits

Real-time analytics

that provide an unparalleled competitive advantage

Cost optimization

to reduce IT operational costs and give you a financial advantage

New Business Avenues

can be harnessed, even if they were previously overlooked

Strategic Sales Planning

that leverages cross-functional data and drives performance gains

Sales forecasts

generated using advanced techniques to improve accuracy

Data Management

Tool & Technologies
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